• Creative Milestones

    Discover our selection of reference projects, showcasing the breadth and depth of our expertise. From captivating brand campaigns to stunning web designs and immersive digital experiences, each project exemplifies our dedication to innovation and excellence.

  • Glatt

    Memorable Game-Changer

  • Breitling

    Timeless Signage

  • Visana

    A Production Powerhouse

  • Victorinox

    Unveiling the Extraordinary

  • Dräger

    Crafting Tomorrow

  • Sonova

    Amplifying Engagement and Learning

  • Adecco

    Sorry for Not Being Sorry

  • Schellenberg Wittmer

    Engaging Future Lawyers

  • Sonova

    Launching the Next Generation

  • Volkswagen

    From Stop Motion to Emotion

  • Victorinox

    From Customization to Connection

  • Chatpod

    Making Noise for Quiet Workplaces

  • Mobility

    Peak Performance for Carsharing

  • ETH Zurich

    Lessons in Innovation

  • Adia

    The Gate to Temporary Jobs

  • Quiff

    Hairy Business Made Easy

  • AudioNova

    Nuances of Hearing Protection

  • ETH Zurich

    Innovation Fair Taking Off


    Setting the Tone

  • Glatt

    Eggcellent Easter Sweepstakes

  • Bucherer

    A Season of Joy

  • Kaminfeger Kunz

    Rebranding a Legacy

  • Glatt

    A New Digital Dimension

  • ETH Zurich

    Fueling Innovative Education

  • Zurich Airport

    Gaming Meets Holiday Spirit

  • Swiss Casinos

    Creating Virtual Excitement

  • Office LAB

    A New Lens on Coworking Spaces

  • Black Rocket

    Reinventing Talent Discovery

  • Zurich Airport

    Interactive Holiday Magic

  • Mobility

    Shifting Gears in Car Sharing

  • Quickline

    Reinventing Digital Broadcasting

  • Quickline

    Streamlining Understanding

  • Catch a Car

    Driving Innovation

  • Zurich Airport

    Creating the Spectacular

  • Zurich Airport

    Entertaining Travelers

  • Sonova

    Introducing the Joy of Hearing

  • Google

    From Paper to Pixels

  • Victorinox

    Bringing Photographs to Life

  • Glatt

    Holiday Magic Unleashed

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