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Introducing Drop Challenge, our captivating promo game that combines skill and luck to offer an enticing marketing solution. This demo version allows you to explore the dynamics of the game without registration.

Drop Challenge, akin to a blank canvas, can be customized to your unique brand guidelines. Whether it’s your Corporate Identity (CI), Corporate Design (CD), or individual elements like logo placement or background, we can seamlessly integrate your brand into our game templates.

How Drop Challenge Works

The game is simple yet addictive. Tap the screen to drop a pumpkin (a sample item that can be replaced with your products) and try to stack them up to the win line – all within one minute! But be careful, your stack must remain stable for at least three seconds to qualify.

Rewarding Your Audience

With Drop Challenge, we cater to your preferred method of awarding prizes:

  • You can manually draw one or more prizes among the registered participants using our export function to view all entries.
  • Alternatively, the draw can occur in-game using our advanced algorithm, which allows for the option to draw instant prizes, main prizes, or a combination of both.

Streamlined Communication & Data Management

Post-win, we can automate emails that send winning notifications to participants. These emails can include winning codes, prize descriptions and collection details to ensure a seamless user experience.

Alternatively, you can choose a PDF download feature so that prize codes can be downloaded directly by players.

All our games come with a data processing addendum and sample terms and conditions for maximum transparency. The intuitive backend dashboard allows for easy data export and user management. You can view all data or selected time entries, and even have the option to delete or block users as needed.

Value for Money

Our price structure with a fixed price of CHF 6,000 excl. VAT is transparent, fair and offers various optional additional services. You can find all the details on our promo games page.

First Party Data Advantage

Our promo games offer a unique advantage of collecting first party data from your customers, helping you to better understand and engage with your audience.

Scan the QR code to launch the game. If you’re on a mobile device, just tap on the image to start your adventure.

Experience Drop Challenge Today!

Step into a new world of marketing possibilities with Drop Challenge! Its thrilling gameplay and customizable features offer an unprecedented opportunity to boost customer engagement and retention. Test our game template now, and see how Drop Challenge can become your next marketing superpower. The ultimate marketing game-changer is just a click away! ■

P.S.: If you are interested in a tailor-made game for your company, take a look at our interactive solutions.

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