Ready, Set, Catch & Win!

We’re excited to unveil Catch & Win, the latest addition to our versatile promo games templates. Designed with engagement and excitement in mind, this promo game is the perfect addition to your next marketing campaign.

What Our Promo Games Offer

Our promo games deliver an all-inclusive package that enhances your marketing efforts. With short implementation times, premium and fully customizable design, fair pricing, and the ability to collect valuable first-party data, our promo games are the perfect tool for engaging with your audience. If you’re interested in learning more about our promo games, check out our in-depth blog post.

How Catch & Win Works

Ready to play? In Catch & Win, your mission is to catch as many fruits as possible with the right cup. Be cautious—using the wrong cup will deduct 1 point from your score! You have 30 seconds to complete the mission. Tap the cup to change it to match the incoming fruit, and drag the cup left or right to catch the fruit in motion. The more fruits you collect, the higher your chances of winning!

Test It Right Now

Want to experience the thrill of Catch & Win for yourself? Simply scan the QR code below to launch the game on your mobile device. If you’re already on a mobile device, just tap the image to start your adventure!

Customize Catch & Win for Your Brand

Catch & Win isn’t just about catching fruits — it’s an adaptable promo game that can be tailored to fit your brand and marketing goals. Instead of fruits, you can use your own products or any other items that align with your campaign theme. The possibilities are endless!

In addition to customization, you also have full control over how to award prizes in the game. You can either:

  • Host a manual prize draw among registered participants by exporting all database entries.
  • Or let our advanced in-game algorithm handle the prize draw for you. It’s capable of managing instant prizes, main prizes, or even a mix of both!

The choice is yours, and the customization options make Catch & Win a unique and engaging way to connect with your audience.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the advantages of our promo games and testing other game templates, be sure to visit our promo games page.

“Games are a universally loved way to engage audiences. Making it personal with customized elements only amplifies their impact.”

Jane McGonigal, Game Designer and Author

Our Interactive Solutions

At DRASTIK, we pride ourselves on creating interactive solutions that captivate and engage. We’re always exploring innovative ways to connect with audiences and deliver memorable experiences. To learn more about our range of interactive solutions, visit our interactive page. ■

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