Rattling the Marketing Mix

In today’s highly competitive landscape, finding innovative ways to engage potential customers and retain existing ones is crucial. One outstanding method that has proven successful is the introduction of our promo games to your marketing mix. These games not only offer entertaining interactions but also top-notch quality, advanced technology, and appealing design – all at a fair price. In this blog post, we’ll show you how promo games can revolutionize your marketing and help you take your strategies to the next level.

Interactive engagement for customer loyalty

Promo games excel at customer engagement by providing a perfect interactive experience, creating a strong bond with your customers. Our promo games are intuitive, transparent, and fully customizable. Choose from a variety of game templates and adapt them to your specific requirements. Whether it’s seasonal or occasion-related games, you can design your promo games entirely according to your ideas and target your audience in a more personalized manner.

Winning logic for maximum effect

Flexibility in the win logic is another highlight of promo games. You have full control over how and when prizes are awarded. Decide whether to draw prizes among registered participants or distribute instant and/or main prizes directly in the game. Our intelligent algorithm ensures a fair distribution of prizes throughout the promotion period, keeping the excitement alive by integrating unawarded prizes into the remaining game days.

Custom design for your branding

We understand the importance of brand consistency, and that’s why we offer custom design services that reflect your corporate identity. Provide us with your promotional materials and assets, and we’ll create a custom layout, game graphics, or basic animated elements. This transforms your promo game into a unique experience that seamlessly integrates with your brand identity.

Effective communication with your customers

To optimize communication with participants, you can specify registration information and communication preferences. Determine the data subscribers need to provide during registration and whether they should receive automated emails regarding prizes, winning codes, downloads, etc. This ensures smooth and effective communication that further engages your customers.

“Customer experience better be at the top of your list when it comes to priorities in your organization. Customer experience is the new marketing.”

Steve Cannon

Comprehensive service package for your success

To provide you with an all-round service, we’ve developed a comprehensive package. Gain access to the administration backend, where you can view key figures and manage users in real-time. All data collected belongs exclusively to you as first-party data and can be conveniently exported as a CSV file. We also provide sample terms and conditions of participation and conclude an order data processing agreement to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Transparent prices and additional options

Our prices are transparent, starting at CHF 6,000 plus VAT for a promo game that meets your requirements. Additionally, we offer various additional options to further customize and expand your promo game. From language adaptations to runtime extensions and extended design adaptations, you can design your promo game precisely as you wish.

Our Success Stories

Building on our extensive experience in interactive marketing, we’ve spearheaded several projects that showcase our commitment to creativity and engagement. Below are three standout success stories that illustrate how we bring our promo games to life:

Easter Gaming Fun at Glatt Shopping Center
Gamified Employer Branding for Schellenberg Wittmer
Playful XMAS Sweepstakes at Glatt Shopping Center


Promo games offer an innovative way to revolutionize your marketing and engage customers in an interactive and entertaining experience. From customer loyalty and flexible winning logic to individual design and a comprehensive service package, promo games enable you to inspire your target group and increase your success. Discover the endless possibilities of promo games and let your brand shine in the spotlight.

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