Promo Games with
Premium Standards

We offer premium quality, advanced technology, and captivating design – all at a fair price. Our goal is to provide you and your customers with a flawless interactive experience that’s implemented swiftly and with uncompromising quality. Our promo games not only entertain but are also intuitive, transparent, and free from hidden costs. No subscriptions or hands-on work required. We guide you throughout the entire process, ensuring you receive reliable and up-to-date first-party data straight from your customers. This invaluable data empowers you to implement personalized marketing strategies.

4 Steps to Your
Promo Game

1. Select a Game Template

Maximize individuality with our multifunctional templates. There are virtually no limits to the design options. Transform your promo games into seasonal or occasion-specific experiences.

2. Determine Winning Logic

Our prize logics are precisely and dynamically controlled, compatible with every game template. You have the freedom to draw prizes among registered participants or distribute instant prizes and main prizes directly within the game. Our algorithm ensures fair distribution and integrates unawarded prizes into remaining game days.

3. Provide Design Basics

We design your promo game according to your specific needs. Share your corporate identity, promotional materials, or other assets, and we’ll create a layout, game graphics, and animated elements accordingly.

4. Define Registration & Communication

Decide what data participants must provide during registration, before or after the game. Optionally, participants can receive automated emails within the game, informing them about winnings, codes, downloads, and more.

Service Package

Key Figures & First-Party Data

Access vital key figures and manage your users in real-time through our administration backend. Export data as a CSV file instantly. All data belongs exclusively to you as first-party data.

Data Compliance & Administration

At the beginning of our collaboration, we conclude a data processing agreement to ensure compliance with current data protection regulations. All collected data will be deleted from our servers at the promo game’s conclusion. As an additional service, we offer sample terms of participation that you can adapt for your promo game.

Hosting & Publishing

By default, all promo games are accessible via a link with your individual subdomain and hosted on Swiss servers. If desired, we seamlessly integrate the game into your existing website or on a domain of your choice.

Transparent Pricing & Options

Our fixed price includes the following services and can be further enhanced with optional extras.

Promo Game Fixed Price

  • Game:

    from template library

  • Design:


  • Prize allocation:

    by client

  • Communication:

    by client

  • Platform:


  • Language versions:

    1 language

  • Runtime:

    1 month

  • Registrations:

    up to 50’000

  • Hosting:

  • Implementation:

    1-2 weeks

excl. VAT

CHF 6’000

Additional Options

  • Language Adaptations

    Expand participant reach with promo games in additional languages.

    per language

    CHF 900

  • Runtime Extension

    Extend your promo game’s duration, up to 6 months.

    per month

    CHF 300

  • PDF Prize Download

    Offer instant prize winners a downloadable PDF with prize codes, images, and more.

    from CHF 400

  • Email Automation

    Automate prize notifications and ensure smooth communication with registered participants.

    from CHF 500

  • Instant Prize Allocation

    Use our algorithm to award predefined instant prizes directly in the game.

    from CHF 750

  • Instant & Main Prize Allocation

    Use our algorithm to combine instant and main prize awards directly in the game.

    from CHF 1’000

  • Hosting on Your Domain

    Host your promo game on your own domain, if desired.

    according to expenditure

  • Design Extras

    Enhance your promo game with impressive 3D assets and animated elements.

    according to expenditure

  • Marketing Assets

    Let us create tailored advertising materials for your promo game.

    according to expenditure

All prices without VAT. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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