Transforming Screens
into Playgrounds

Our interactive solutions breathe life into your products and services, creating an engaging and playful experience. Immerse yourself in multiplayer learning and challenge platforms, captivating ads, websites or in-store applications, and entertaining promo games. Let us transform your screens into dynamic playgrounds of endless possibilities.

Playful Fusion of Phone & Screen

Unlock the interactive potential of your smartphone when it joins forces with a screen. Experience a world of games, communication, and discovery with just a simple QR code. Surprise your customers with cross-platform adventures and thrilling gaming excitement, using their own smartphones as controllers with our cutting-edge technology. Curious? Try it for yourself right now.

Seamless Interactivity Across Platforms

From games to configurators and playful training sessions, our interactive applications are custom-built for every platform and screen. Take advantage of our creativity and discover a seamless cross-platform experience for seasonal promos, events, internal communication, and other marketing activities.

Instant Fun with Promo Games

Discover our ready-to-go promo games, developed by our experts at a fixed price. This turnkey solution allows for easy adaptation to your brand design and swift deployment. A user-friendly administration backend empowers you to track key metrics and manage users effortlessly. Enjoy a worry-free experience with our all-inclusive package, delivered within just one to two weeks.

Driving Impact with Engagement Ads

Using our interactive expertise and cutting-edge technology from our partners at Capture Media, we create HTML5-based dynamic engagement ads that deliver in-depth information with gamified content and intuitive navigation. No need to leave the browser window or switch to a landing page – users can interact directly with the ad, providing ample space for information, integrating videos, calculators, surveys, mini games, and much more. Elevate your advertising game and engage your audience like never before.

Tailored Data Management

Maximize the potential of our applications with a tailored administration backend. Collect first-party data from users, export it in multiple file formats, and integrate it into your existing databases. The data collection is GDPR compliant and offers real-time tracking for valuable insights. Enhance user experience with automated notifications for prize confirmations, codes, downloads, and more. Empower your success with data mastery at your fingertips.

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