Gamification at Zurich Airport

Throughout the past years, our agency had the unique opportunity to amplify Zurich Airport’s customer engagement through a multitude of custom games. Among these were a range of single-screen and second-screen games that not only captured the spirit of various seasons and events, but also drove engagement and led to a significant increase in lead generation.

The Christmas Games: Seasonal Delight

We crafted two holiday-themed games for Zurich Airport. The first was an interactive second-screen Christmas game, where we enveloped users in the holiday spirit and created the anticipation of winning from over 2,000 prizes. The game mechanics were designed around Christmas themes at the airport, ensuring an immersive and visually engaging experience.

For the next Holiday season, we introduced a London-based gingerbread character in a new game, enabling users to participate in an exciting journey in a virtual version of the London Eye. Participants could win an instant prize or enter the main prize draw, amplifying the excitement of the game.

More Games for Unforgettable Celebrations

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we developed a spectacular second screen game that enabled users to design and share their personalized digital fireworks and greeting cards. The game mechanics were designed to foster creativity, interaction, and a sense of community, transforming Zurich Airport’s landing page into a celebration hub.

We also created “Rolli’s Digital Race” for the summer holiday season. In this engaging game, participants guided the beloved airport mascot, Rolli, to dodge obstacles and collect coins for a chance to win prizes. The success of these games resulted in increased website traffic and enhanced brand recognition for Zurich Airport.

“Gamification is not just about adding games to the marketing mix, it’s about changing the way we engage customers. In a world where attention is the new currency, gamification is the key to engaging customers and keeping them coming back for more.”

Brian Burke, Research Vice President at Gartner and author of “Gamify: How Gamification Motivates People to Do Extraordinary Things”

The Power of Gamification

Our partnership with Zurich Airport illustrates the potential of gamification in enhancing customer experience and engagement. The interactive games were tailored to various themes and seasons, and were built with an admin backend that allowed to uplaod and distribute prizes from all participating shops, including email automation. Our custom games not only entertained but also encapsulated the spirit of Zurich Airport, leaving players with memorable experiences. Through the strategic use of game mechanics and rewards, we were able to increase participation and lead generation, demonstrating the power of gamification in a dynamic environment like an airport. 

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