Decoding the Black Friday Frenzy

The Evolution of Black Friday

Once a one-day event to kick off the holiday shopping season, Black Friday has morphed into a month-long retail extravaganza. What started with Black Friday has evolved to include Singles Day, Singles Week, Pre Black Friday Week, Black Week, Cyber Monday, and Cyber Week, each offering a slew of deals and discounts. But how did this shopping frenzy start, and why has it become such an integral part of the retail calendar?

“In the retail world, ‘Black Friday’ is where the rubber meets the road.”

Julia Christensen Hughes, Retail Expert

Understanding the Hype

Black Friday traces its roots back to the USA in the 1960s. It marked the beginning of the holiday shopping season, and was named for the time when retailers’ balance sheets would turn from red (loss) to black (profit). Over the years, Black Friday gained traction, attracting larger crowds and generating substantial sales. The advent of the internet expanded the reach of Black Friday, turning it into a global phenomenon. Retailers capitalized on the opportunity by extending their sales, creating a month-long frenzy of discounts and deals.

Who Should Jump Onboard?

The question for businesses is whether to join the Black Friday frenzy or lay low. For retail and e-commerce businesses, participating in Black Friday and associated sales events is a no-brainer. The promise of deals and discounts is a powerful motivator, driving traffic and boosting sales. However, businesses that operate in niche markets or offer premium services might be better off avoiding the rush. Discounts can devalue their offerings and disrupt their regular sales cycles.

Boosting Engagement with Promo Games

For businesses looking to make a splash during the Black Friday frenzy, DRASTIK’s promo games are a perfect fit. Our games can help businesses generate valuable leads while offering exciting gameplay. Participants can win a variety of prizes, including vouchers, discount codes, or products. All promo games are customizable to fit your brand’s aesthetics and can be implemented in just two weeks. The interactive nature of promo games keeps customers engaged, making them more likely to engage with your brand long after the sale ends. You can find more info on our promo games here.

Critical Evaluation

While the Black Friday frenzy can provide a boost to businesses, it’s essential to approach it strategically. Businesses should consider their target audience, market positioning, and long-term goals before jumping in. Offering discounts and deals can generate short-term gains, but it’s crucial to balance these promotions with long-term brand equity and customer relationships. In the age of conscious consumption, offering meaningful and value-driven experiences can make a lasting impact.


Navigating the Black Friday frenzy can be a daunting task for businesses. However, by understanding its history, evaluating its relevance to your business, and leveraging engaging tools like promo games, businesses can make the most of this retail event. Whether you choose to participate or lay low, make sure your strategy aligns with your brand’s values and long-term goals. ■

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