Data Privacy in Marketing

Embracing the Change

Switzerland’s new Data Protection Law, effective as of 1st September 2023, marks a significant shift in the data protection landscape. The new law is expected to bring more comprehensive and stringent regulations for data processing, including higher transparency requirements, increased rights for data subjects, and stricter rules for data breaches. At DRASTIK, we’re committed to staying ahead of these regulatory changes to ensure that our marketing practices are compliant and effective.

Leading the Way in Data Protection

At DRASTIK, we’ve always placed a premium on data protection. When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced in 2018, we were among the first to implement its provisions. This proactive approach has positioned us to be fully compliant with the new Swiss Data Protection Law right from its inception. Our practices go beyond mere compliance; we actively champion the responsible and ethical use of data in all our marketing efforts.

Navigating the Marketing Data Landscape

Data has long been the lifeblood of effective marketing. However, the shifting regulatory landscape and changes in industry practices are affecting the ways in which data can be collected and processed. Notably, Google has announced that it will phase out the use of third-party cookies in Chrome by the end of 2024. This development, combined with the new Swiss Data Protection Law and existing GDPR regulations, emphasizes the need for responsible and compliant data collection practices. With the gradual obsolescence of third-party data*, it’s important for marketers to adapt and embrace alternative approaches to data collection.

At DRASTIK, we’ve embraced this change by focusing on interactive solutions to collect first-party data** in ways that are fully compliant with GDPR and the new Swiss law. This not only ensures compliance but also allows our clients to build more personalized and meaningful connections with their audience.

“Data is the new gold. But like gold, it needs to be mined responsibly.”


Data Protection Meets Creative Excellence

We understand that data protection laws and regulations can be complex and daunting. However, we see them as an opportunity to innovate and create marketing campaigns that are not only impactful but also respectful of privacy rights. As a creative advertising agency, we’re proud to be at the forefront of responsible marketing practices that integrate the latest data protection standards, ensuring that your brand message resonates with your target audience while respecting their data privacy rights.

Ready to Partner with a Responsible Creative Agency?

Are you seeking an advertising partner who understands the ins and outs of data protection while delivering standout marketing campaigns? At DRASTIK, we combine our commitment to data privacy with our creative expertise to help you connect with your audience in a meaningful and compliant way. Let’s work together to create advertising that truly resonates. ■

*Third-party data is information collected by an entity that does not have a direct relationship with the individual from whom the data is being collected. This data is typically aggregated from various sources, including websites, apps, and other platforms, and is then sold to other organizations for marketing purposes. Third-party data is often used to expand audience reach and improve targeting in advertising campaigns. However, it is becoming less reliable and sustainable due to increasing privacy concerns, regulatory changes, and industry shifts, such as Google’s decision to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome by the end of 2024.

**First-party data refers to information that is collected directly from individuals by the organization with which they have a direct relationship. This data is usually collected through interactions on the organization’s website, app, social media platforms, or through direct interactions with the organization. First-party data provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences and is generally considered more accurate and reliable compared to third-party data. It is collected with the explicit consent of the individual, making it compliant with data privacy regulations.

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