Reinventing a Classic Legacy, One Wall at a Time

Timeless Signage

Reinventing a Classic Legacy, One Wall at a Time

Timeless Signage


Client: Breitling

When one of the world’s most renowned Swiss luxury watchmakers came to us with a unique request, we were immediately captivated by the challenge. Known for their exclusive boutiques around the globe and their retro-modern interiors featuring expansive brick walls, Breitling wanted to augment these spaces artistically. They asked for ghost signs — a unique blend of history and aesthetic charm that syncs seamlessly with the timelessness of their brand and timepieces.

The Lost Art of Ghost Signs

Ghost signs are more than just fading advertisements on a building; they are relics from a bygone era, subtly communicating stories and memories. These hand-painted signs possess a weathered look, a result of years of exposure to the elements. Their subtle beauty aligns seamlessly with Breitling’s philosophy of enduring elegance and timeless sophistication.

Crafting Visual Stories

Our task was to create ghost signs that resonate with Breitling’s brand identity, yet have the aged allure of true vintage signs. We developed three distinct visuals tailored to various spaces within Breitling boutiques worldwide. Every detail, from the faded hues to the cracked paint effect, was meticulously crafted to achieve an authentic, time-worn appearance.

Going Global

Our creative journey with Breitling started with the first set of ghost signs proudly displayed in their boutiques in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and The Hague. As part of the brand’s global strategy, these visuals are set to grace Breitling boutiques worldwide. The designs will be implemented by local artists, allowing each boutique to maintain a touch of local flair while aligning with the global brand vision.

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