Online Campaiging in Times of Crisis

Sorry for Not Being Sorry

Online Campaiging in Times of Crisis

Sorry for Not Being Sorry


Client: Adecco

We had the pleasure of working with Adecco as we developed the advertising material for some of their online campaigns. The primary objective was to emphasize the importance of a quick and hassle-free job search for both employers and job seekers, especially in light of potential future lockdowns or labor shortage.

Our approach involved the use of provocative statements that captured attention and encouraged engagement. The campaigns encompassed various assets, including HTML5 banners, animations, and stills designed specifically for social media advertisements. Targeting both B2B and B2C audiences, they ensured widespread reach and impact.

Sorry, Omicron!

The Omicron campaign revolved around the urgent need for efficient job and candidate search processes amidst the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. By leveraging our expertise in digital advertising, we crafted compelling visuals and messages to communicate this urgency. The campaign’s edgy and thought-provoking nature aimed to capture the attention of both employers and job seekers. HTML5 banners were strategically placed across relevant online platforms, accompanied by captivating animations and eye-catching stills for social media ads. Through these diverse elements, we effectively conveyed the message of a fast and uncomplicated job search experience in the face of potential future lockdowns.

Addressing Labor Shortage

In addition to the Omicron campaign, we collaborated with Adecco on another online campaign specifically aimed at addressing the labor shortage in the Swiss watch industry. Our team devised social media ads and HTML5 banners for two distinctive concepts. By carefully tailoring our designs to suit the target audience, we successfully attracted new talent to this traditional industry. The campaign’s visuals and messaging highlighted the exciting career opportunities and growth potential within the Swiss watch sector. With our engaging and visually appealing content, we effectively conveyed the allure and unique advantages of pursuing a career in this prestigious field.

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