Setting the Tone


Setting the Tone


Client: ARCHISONIC / Impact Acoustic

For the pioneering acoustic room solutions provider, ARCHISONIC, we were given the exceptional opportunity to create and launch their brand. Our approach included a holistic design concept, capturing the brand’s essence across various media including their website, brochures, and video content.

Brand Identity: Crafting the Sound of Design

Our primary challenge was to encapsulate ARCHISONIC’s innovative spirit and unique approach to acoustic solutions in a visually captivating and coherent brand identity. Inspired by the company’s core values, we designed a brand that effectively communicates the harmony between architecture and sound, reflecting the brand’s mission and resonating with its target audience.

Print Media: The Rhythm of Color

With the brand identity established, we embarked on creating a brochure that would serve as a physical embodiment of ARCHISONIC’s innovative acoustic solutions. Central to our design was the incorporation of the eight distinct ARCHISONIC color families, each one telling its unique story. This not only emphasized the brand’s individuality but also its commitment to customization and client-focused solutions.

Website Design: Visual Symphony

Our design approach extended into the digital sphere with the development of ARCHISONIC’s website. Aiming for a user-friendly and intuitive navigation, we built a site that invites visitors to explore the brand’s offerings, while providing a seamless and engaging user experience. Each page was thoughtfully designed to echo the brand’s visual identity and to highlight its innovative acoustic solutions.

Video Content: Bringing Color to Life

To offer an immersive exploration of ARCHISONIC’s color families, we created a series of eight videos. Each video, focusing on a different color family, provides a dynamic and engaging showcase, allowing viewers to experience the brand in motion. These videos, released alongside the brand launch, not only added depth to the brand’s identity but also enriched the overall brand narrative.

Orchestrating a Brand Launch

From concept to launch, our design journey with ARCHISONIC was a harmonious blend of creativity, strategy, and client collaboration. We are proud to have played a key role in bringing the ARCHISONIC brand to life, crafting a brand identity that perfectly encapsulates their pioneering spirit and dedication to innovative acoustic solutions.

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