Black Rocket's Model Booking Platform

Reinventing Talent Discovery

Black Rocket's Model Booking Platform

Reinventing Talent Discovery


Client: Black Rocket

Our journey with Black Rocket centered around the creation of an innovative model booking platform. With an aim to streamline the process of talent discovery, we designed a system where clients could post jobs, identify potential models based on specific attributes, and invite suitable candidates for job applications. This optimized booking process culminated in a successful pairing of client requirements and model availability, thus facilitating a seamless experience.

Platform Functionality: User-friendly and Efficient

The platform’s design allowed models to respond to job invitations with a simple click, thus enhancing efficiency. Upon confirmation of booking, details were exchanged, itineraries dispatched, and post-shoot, both parties could rate their experience. This end-to-end functionality ensured that the platform catered to every aspect of the booking process.

Technical Feat: Batch Image Processing

One of the key features of this project was the batch image processing. Utilizing advanced face recognition software, we processed over 10,000 images and transformed them into attractive black and white portrait photos. This feature not only elevated the aesthetics of the platform but also served a practical purpose in model selection.

UI Design: Ensuring a Seamless Experience

A pivotal part of our work was designing the User Interface (UI) for both the client back end and the front end. This involved creating elements that were not only visually appealing but also facilitated ease of use, thereby delivering a smooth user experience.

Promoting the Platform: The Teaser Video

To generate interest and excitement around the platform, we crafted a captivating teaser video. This video served as a sneak peek into the functionality and features of the platform, igniting curiosity and anticipation among potential users.

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