Quickline TV Air Free Launch Campaign

Reinventing Digital Broadcasting

Quickline TV Air Free Launch Campaign

Reinventing Digital Broadcasting


Client: Quickline

When Quickline sought to launch their new TV Air Free platform, we were entrusted with the entirety of online activities — from ideation to execution. Central to the launch was the creation of a landing page targeting ice hockey enthusiasts across the nation, with a myriad of supporting activities like social media ads and banner creation rounding out our digital communication strategy.

Engaging Sports Lovers: Landing Page Design

Recognizing the potential of connecting with a sports-centric audience, we crafted a landing page that brought the excitement of the ice hockey rink to the users’ fingertips. Our aim was to convey the sense of immediacy and accessibility that Quickline TV Air Free offers, transforming the way users engage with their favourite sport.

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Amplifying the Message: Digital Communication Approach

In addition to the landing page, we complemented our approach with a comprehensive digital ad campaign across various social media platforms. These activities were designed to heighten brand visibility, drive traffic to the landing page, and reinforce our communication efforts.

Visual Storytelling: 3D Key Visual Development

Visuals play a pivotal role in storytelling, and we embraced this by developing a 3D key visual for the campaign. The visualization emphasized the unique experience of using Quickline TV Air Free, where any device could become a portal to an exhilarating sports arena.

Bringing the Stadium Home

This project encapsulates our ability to execute a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, centering on a user-focused design. We not only created a campaign but also a unique digital experience that reflects Quickline’s innovative service, which brings the sports arena to the palm of users’ hands.

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