The New Kaminfeger Kunz

Rebranding a Legacy

The New Kaminfeger Kunz

Rebranding a Legacy


Client: Kaminfeger Kunz

In the world of branding, sometimes the answer lies right before your eyes. When G. Kunz + Söhne AG decided to rebrand, we saw an opportunity to utilize the familiar name by which customers already recognized them – Kaminfeger Kunz. It was a brand-strategic decision that instantly created a stronger connection with the customers and reinforced their brand recognition.

Modern Aesthetics, Rooted in Tradition

Creating a new corporate design involves delicately balancing between preserving legacy elements and infusing a contemporary feel. We reinterpreted existing design elements in a way that the brand achieved a modern look without seeming alien. The result was a streamlined, fresh, and appealing visual identity that remained true to the essence of Kaminfeger Kunz.

The Iconic Service Visuals

In any service-based business, the core offerings need to be visibly apparent to the customers. We developed a series of consistent and self-explanatory icons that effectively communicated the multitude of services offered by Kaminfeger Kunz. The icons, with their intuitive design, brought the advantages of each service to life, enhancing customer understanding and engagement.

A Standout Digital Presence

In today’s digital age, a website acts as a brand’s virtual storefront. The website we crafted for Kaminfeger Kunz became the figurehead of the company, outshining competitors not just within their industry but also beyond. With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, the website perfectly encapsulated the redefined identity of Kaminfeger Kunz.

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