Performance Campaign for Mobility

Peak Performance for Carsharing

Performance Campaign for Mobility

Peak Performance for Carsharing


Client: Mobility

For our client Mobility we developed an exceptional online performance campaign focusing on their carsharing products Testabo, Click & Drive, and E-Scooter. This comprehensive campaign encompassed the creation of striking visuals and engaging headlines targeting various user personas. These visuals, including stills, animations, and banners, were strategically placed across numerous online platforms throughout Switzerland.

Put It to the Test

For the more adventurous and forward-thinking carsharing enthusiasts, we conceptualized an emotionally-charged and performance-oriented visual: an intricately designed 3D engine heart. The accompanying video perfectly encapsulated the passion and independence that defines these drivers.

Pure Driving Pleasure

Appealing to those who embrace sustainable living and seek the best of both worlds, we crafted a set of visuals that effortlessly blend nature and modernity. These visuals exude the pure joy of driving while adhering to a conscious and environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Always There When You Need It

To showcase the practical aspects of Mobility’s services, we meticulously crafted a 3D visual that highlights the convenience of access without the burden of ownership. Our visuals captured everyday situations where having a vehicle readily available proves to be indispensable.

The Commuter's Best Friend

Offering the ultimate solution for city commuters, Mobility provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing individuals to tailor their schedules accordingly. In order to convey this message effectively, we constructed visuals that seamlessly blended into the commuters’ environment, from train stations to timetables.

Brand Tag-On

To add a touch of distinctiveness to this campaign, we incorporated the Mobility logo into the visuals, connecting it with relevant associations. This intuitive approach ensures that viewers can instantly recognize the core essence behind the message, reinforcing brand recognition and resonance.

Revving Up Mobility's Market Reach

With our meticulously designed visuals and captivating headlines, this performance campaign enabled Mobility to reach their target audience effectively. By combining aesthetics, emotions, and practicality, we successfully communicated the unique value of Mobility’s carsharing services.

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