AudioNova Launch Brochure and POS Videos

Nuances of Hearing Protection

AudioNova Launch Brochure and POS Videos

Nuances of Hearing Protection


Client: Sonova

Sonova, a global leader in innovative hearing care solutions, entrusted us with the task of developing and designing a comprehensive brochure for the launch of their new Hearing Protection portfolio under the brand AudioNova. This portfolio consisted of eight different products, and we were responsible for the entire creative process, including copywriting, image research, and the creation of visually compelling graphics that unified the theme of hearing protection.


The AudioNova Hearing Protection brochure serves as a comprehensive guide, showcasing the advanced filter technology utilized in the products. It aims to educate readers on the importance of understanding how hearing can be damaged and, more importantly, how it can be effectively protected. Through a combination of informative content and captivating visuals, the brochure effectively communicates the benefits and features of each product, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their hearing health.

Educational Videos for Point of Sale (POS)

Building upon the design concept developed for the launch brochure, our agency further created a series of engaging videos for each of the eight products. These videos were specifically crafted to be displayed at the point of sale (POS) and were produced in eleven languages to cater to a diverse global audience.

The POS videos go beyond traditional marketing materials by providing experiential demonstrations of the products’ effectiveness. By including sound samples that compare the experience with and without Hearing Protection, viewers can clearly discern the stark difference in sound quality and the level of protection offered. From highlighting the reduction of noise during sleep and travel to showcasing the benefits of wearing AudioNova Hearing Protection in various everyday scenarios such as working in an office, listening to music, engaging in outdoor activities, hunting, swimming, or being exposed to loud motors, these videos effectively demonstrate the value and versatility of the product line.

From Concept to Impact

Through our meticulous attention to detail and creative execution, we successfully developed a comprehensive brochure and a series of compelling POS videos for the global launch of AudioNova Hearing Protection. These materials not only convey the innovative features of the products but also educate and empower individuals to prioritize their hearing health and embrace the benefits of advanced hearing protection.

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