How Promo Games with Integrated Automation Make a Difference at Glatt

Memorable Game-Changer

How Promo Games with Integrated Automation Make a Difference at Glatt

Memorable Game-Changer


Client: Glatt

Glatt, Switzerland’s most popular shopping mall, recently launched another promo game with us, taking a creative leap with the classic memory game mechanism. The Glatt Fashion Memory was not just a game; it was a strategic move to engage customers and increase brand awareness in a fun, interactive way. The promo game was ingeniously tailored to Glatt’s seasonal theme of fresh stripes and springtime vibes, celebrating the fashion and brands available at Glatt.

Cutting-Edge Technology Integration

What set this game apart was the integration of DRASTIK’s proprietary algorithm. This innovative approach facilitated the distribution of instant prizes, adding an exciting layer of instant gratification to the gaming experience. We also implemented email automation to efficiently manage the prize notification process. Winners received details of their winnings seamlessly, enhancing the user experience and reducing Glatt’s administrative burden.

Record-Breaking Engagement

The results were remarkable. In just three weeks, our promo game set new records for participation, registrations and newsletter subscriptions, a testament to its engaging design and flawless execution. This project stands as our most successful promotional game for Glatt to date, demonstrating the effectiveness of our interactive solutions.

Brand Synergy: Fashion Meets Fun

The game’s design was deliberately chosen to reflect Glatt’s seasonal decor. The fresh, striped, spring-themed interface was more than just visually appealing; it was a celebration of fashion. Participants were challenged to find matching pairs of fashion brands available at Glatt, blending brand awareness with entertainment. This synergy between the game and Glatt’s branding increased customer engagement and brand recall.

Transforming Engagement into Success

The success of the Glatt Fashion Memory game is a shining example of how innovative digital solutions can create meaningful interactions between brands and their customers. It demonstrates how a simple concept, when executed with creativity and technological expertise, can yield remarkable results.

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