Brand New Design For Sustainable Solutions

Making Noise for Quiet Workplaces

Brand New Design For Sustainable Solutions

Making Noise for Quiet Workplaces


Client: Chatpod / Impact Acoustic

Chatpod, a provider of mobile booths offering sustainable acoustic solutions, approached our agency with the objective of revamping their brand and developing a new website. The challenge was to create a design that effectively communicated the materials, sustainability, and versatility of their state-of-the-art products. Additionally, our task was to showcase the functionalities and features of chatpod through visually stunning 3D renderings.

New Logo, Font and Brand Design

We began by developing a new logo and brand design that captured the essence of chatpod’s products. Our team meticulously crafted a unique and modern design that reflected the sustainability and versatility of their mobile booths. To further highlight their distinctiveness, we created a bespoke font that added a touch of exclusivity to the brand.

Website with Cutting-Edge 3D Renderings

The culmination of our efforts was the creation of chatpod’s new website. Through a combination of compelling visuals and informative content, we ensured that the website effectively conveyed the features and functionalities of their products. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D renderings, we showcased the mobile booths in a visually captivating manner, allowing potential customers to fully grasp their capabilities.

Sustainable Results

The new logo and brand design breathed fresh life into chatpod’s image, aligning it with their commitment to sustainable solutions. The unique font added a touch of sophistication and exclusivity to the brand, further differentiating them from competitors. The website, with its visually stunning 3D renderings, successfully showcased the functionalities and features of chatpod’s mobile booths, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Overall, our collaboration with chatpod resulted in a brand new design that effectively communicates their sustainable solutions, while the new website showcases the functionalities and features of their mobile booths. The successful execution of this project has positioned chatpod as a supplier of state-of-the-art, sustainable, and versatile acoustic solutions to office spaces.

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