ETH Student Innovedum

Lessons in Innovation

ETH Student Innovedum

Lessons in Innovation


Client: ETH Zurich

Our collaboration with ETH Zurich on the “Student Innovedum” project has provided motivated students with a platform to express, discuss, develop, and implement innovative ideas aimed at enhancing teaching at the university. With the freedom to explore diverse avenues, from mobile apps to multifunctional equipment, the creative potential of these brilliant minds knows no bounds.

To accurately capture the project’s diverse and interdisciplinary nature, we devised six distinct visual variants. These variants feature round objects that symbolize the unique and focused perspective of the students, which serves as the key to unlocking innovative solutions. The clean shapes and futuristic elements in our designs further emphasize the technical and forward-thinking character of the project. In a daring move, we even ventured to reinterpret the corporate design to imbue it with a more “innovative” essence. The resulting posters, flyers, and screen animations serve as captivating eye-catchers within the typically understated ETH environment.

By introducing these visually striking elements, we aimed to create an atmosphere of excitement and curiosity around the Student Innovedum project. We wanted to inspire students and faculty alike to engage with the possibilities of innovation in teaching. The vibrant and unconventional design approach reflects the project’s ethos of pushing boundaries and embracing new perspectives.

A New Point of View for Innovation

Our collaboration with ETH Zurich on this campaign has been an exhilarating journey of creativity and collaboration. Through our designs, we have successfully transformed the project’s essence into tangible and visually appealing materials that stand out in the university environment. We are proud to have contributed to the promotion of innovation and the cultivation of fresh ideas at ETH Zurich.

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