Launching Another Game for Zurich Airport

Interactive Holiday Magic

Launching Another Game for Zurich Airport

Interactive Holiday Magic


Client: Airport Zurich

We took our previous collaboration with Zurich Airport a step further by creating a captivating, holiday-themed interactive game for the 2020 season. This time, we wrapped the airport experience around a delightful London-based gingerbread character, infusing a unique dose of cheer and merriment into the bustling hub.

Contactless Fun: QR-Enabled Gaming

Our commitment to ensuring a safe and convenient gaming experience led to the introduction of contactless gameplay. Visitors could easily participate in the holiday fun by simply scanning a QR code on their smartphones. This feature ensured that the excitement of the festive season wasn’t hampered by any health and safety concerns.

Engaging Gameplay: A Chance to Win

Once participants registered, they were swept into the heart of London, turning the virtual London Eye. The gingerbread character would then climb the giant Ferris wheel and open a cabin. This interactive journey came with a tantalizing promise: a possibility of winning an instant prize, or an entry into the weekly main prize draw. This element of surprise and potential reward made the gaming experience even more enticing.

Unforgettable Holiday Memories

With the interactive game at Zurich Airport, we managed to cultivate a joyful and entertaining environment that left visitors with unforgettable holiday memories. Our innovative approach to integrating the spirit of the season with cutting-edge technology served as a testament to our ability to create unique, engaging experiences that resonate with audiences.

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