Event Design for ETH's Innovation in Learning and Teaching Fair

Innovation Fair Taking Off

Event Design for ETH's Innovation in Learning and Teaching Fair

Innovation Fair Taking Off


Client: ETH Zurich

In collaboration with ETH Zurich, we had the privilege to design and implement the event design for the prestigious ETH Innovation in Learning and Teaching Fair, which showcased 44 groundbreaking teaching and learning projects. The highlight of the fair was the presentation of the KITE-Award 2022, recognizing exceptional contributions to education.

Modular and Sustainable Exhibition Design

To create a visually captivating and sustainable exhibition experience, we developed a modular design concept inspired by the KITE trophy. This allowed for flexible configurations and a seamless integration of the award-winning projects within the exhibition space. The design elements were carefully chosen to reflect the innovative spirit of the fair and provide an engaging environment for attendees.

Designing the Brand Identity

In addition to the exhibition design, we were responsible for crafting the brand identity of the event. This included designing the logotype, which represented the essence of the fair and its commitment to innovation in learning and teaching. The key visual we created served as a visual centerpiece, capturing the energy and enthusiasm of the event.

Comprehensive Communication Materials

To ensure a cohesive and impactful experience, we designed various communication materials for the event. This included an informative and visually appealing event brochure, which provided attendees with essential information about the fair and highlighted the featured projects. We also developed a web archive, enabling participants to access information about the past editions of the fair and delve deeper into the showcased projects.

Guidelines and Beyond

To maintain consistency throughout the event, we provided comprehensive guidelines for the use of the event branding and design elements across different touchpoints. These guidelines served as a valuable resource for the organizing team and partners involved in the fair. In addition, we supported the event with various other design and communication activities, ensuring a unified and impactful presence.

Highlighting Innovation in Learning and Teaching

Through our collaborative efforts with ETH Zurich, we successfully brought the ETH Innovation in Learning and Teaching Fair to life, creating a sustainable and multifaceted event design. From the modular exhibition layout to the captivating brand identity and informative communication materials, we aimed to celebrate and promote the innovative projects that are shaping the future of education. The event provided a platform for knowledge exchange, inspiration, and recognition of excellence in teaching and learning, reinforcing ETH Zurich’s commitment to fostering innovation in education.

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