A New Chapter of Playful Engagement at Glatt

Holiday Magic Unleashed

A New Chapter of Playful Engagement at Glatt

Holiday Magic Unleashed


Client: Glatt

After the remarkable success of our Easter promo game at Glatt Shopping Center, the holiday season brought another opportunity for festivity and fun. Embracing the Christmas spirit, Glatt once again collaborated with us for their holiday season sweepstake, leveraging our interactive game, Catch & Win. This time, with prizes worth a stunning CHF 33,000, the stakes were higher and the excitement even greater.

A Festive Frenzy

Catch & Win is all about quick reflexes and festive fun. Players are tasked with catching as many falling items as possible within 30 seconds, using a cup that they can move left or right. Aligning with the holiday décor at Glatt, adorned with giant sugar canes, we customized the game to match. Participants had to skillfully collect sugar canes using a special Christmas mug, exclusively available at Glatt, adding a tangible connection to the in-mall experience.

Small Game, Big Impact

The response to Catch & Win was nothing short of phenomenal, greatly surpassing our expectations. The game attracted an astounding 28,000 entries, a clear testament to its appeal. Additionally, it succeeded in registering 19,000 participants, further showcasing its effectiveness in engaging the audience and first-party lead generation. Adding to this success, the game also contributed to a significant growth in communication channels, with almost 5,000 new newsletter subscriptions. All these impressive figures were achieved in the remarkably short span of just 24 days, underscoring the game’s immense popularity and the high level of engagement it fostered among participants.

Spreading Joy and Engagement

The Christmas Catch & Win game at Glatt Shopping Center not only amplified the festive cheer but also significantly boosted customer engagement and brand connection. This innovative approach to holiday promotions demonstrated the power of interactive games in creating memorable experiences and meaningful interactions with customers.

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