Educational Video for Quiff

Hairy Business Made Easy

Educational Video for Quiff

Hairy Business Made Easy


Client: Quiff

In collaboration with the Swiss startup Quiff, a revolutionary booking platform for hairdressing salons, our agency took on the exciting challenge of creating an informative and engaging B2B educational video. With a tight deadline of just two weeks, we set out to deliver a visually captivating piece that would effectively communicate Quiff’s unique value proposition to its target audience.

To capture the essence of Quiff and its innovative approach, we incorporated a delightful 3D animation of the Quiff logo for the video’s introduction. This playful animation masterfully showcased a mesmerizing hair movement, setting the stage for what was to come.


Transforming Website Elements into Captivating Animations

Drawing inspiration from the existing elements of Quiff’s website, we seamlessly integrated its distinctive design elements into the video. These elements not only provided a cohesive visual identity but also served as the foundation for the storyboard and captivating animations.

Throughout the video, we meticulously crafted each scene, carefully selecting visuals and employing animations that conveyed the simplicity and efficiency of Quiff’s platform. By using dynamic visuals and clear messaging, we ensured that viewers grasped the key benefits and functionalities of Quiff in an easily digestible manner.

Simplifying the Hairy Business

Our team’s expertise in animation and storytelling allowed us to effectively communicate the complex features and advantages of Quiff in a concise and visually appealing format. We took pride in creating a video that not only served as an educational tool but also showcased Quiff as a game-changer within the hairdressing industry.

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