Zurich Airport's Interactive Christmas Game

Gaming Meets Holiday Spirit

Zurich Airport's Interactive Christmas Game

Gaming Meets Holiday Spirit


Client: Zurich Airport

We had the privilege of creating an interactive Christmas game for Zurich Airport. This project allowed us to delve into a world where creativity and technology coalesce to deliver an immersive experience for the users. Collaborating with local stores, we managed to incorporate over 2,000 prizes, making the Advent season even more exciting for the players. The goal of the game was to safely land an airplane pulled by reindeer at the airport.

Design and Development: Crafting the Game

The game design was heavily inspired by the Christmas themes of Zurich Airport. We took these design cues and used them to weave a visually appealing and engaging interactive experience. Our team was involved in every step, from conceptualizing the design to programming the game mechanics, ensuring a seamless and entertaining experience for users.

Instructional Video: Guiding the Players

To accompany the game, we created an instructional video, providing clear and easy-to-understand guidance for the participants. This video served not only to instruct but also to enhance user engagement, setting the stage for an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience.

Participant Engagement: Real-time Impressions

A Game to Remember

Our collaboration with Zurich Airport demonstrates our proficiency in creating interactive second-screen games that not only engage and entertain but also encapsulate the spirit of a brand or an occasion.

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