Crafting the Guide for Innovative Teaching for ETH Zurich

Fueling Innovative Education

Crafting the Guide for Innovative Teaching for ETH Zurich

Fueling Innovative Education


Client: ETH Zurich

As part of our engagement with ETH Zurich for their “Learning and Teaching Fair,” we were given the task of designing a publication and an accompanying exhibition guide centered around innovative teaching and learning projects. This challenge called for a careful balance of creativity and conformity to established corporate design elements.

Creating Unique Visual Identifiers: Icon Development

One of our key creative strategies was the development of unique icons for each topic within the guide. This approach served not only to visually distinguish the different subjects but also to make the guide more user-friendly, enabling users to easily navigate through the content.

Unified Design: Interplay of Print and Exhibition

Maintaining a sense of coherence between the print publication and the exhibition was crucial. By adopting a simple, yet striking color scheme, we were able to unify the different elements and create an interconnected experience for the attendees. This approach stayed true to the ETH Zurich corporate design while adding a unique touch to the event and the publications.

Balancing Corporate and Creative Design

This project showcases our ability to respect and incorporate an institution’s existing corporate design, while injecting fresh, creative elements that enhance user experience and engagement. Our work for ETH Zurich is an embodiment of our commitment to innovative design that respects tradition while pushing the boundaries of creativity.

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