Creating the VW Multivan Cinema Spot

From Stop Motion to Emotion

Creating the VW Multivan Cinema Spot

From Stop Motion to Emotion


Client: Volkswagen
Agency: ViznerBorel

The challenge of this exciting project was to showcase the versatility and functionality of the VW Multivan through a cinema spot. The unique aspect of this mission was that the spot would be created using a series of individual still images, employing the stop motion technique. Our task was to transform this visually static environment into an emotional and engaging advertisement.


Approach and Strategy: Breathing Life into the Multivan

We strategically approached the project by carefully selecting and arranging the still images to highlight the vehicle’s various features and capabilities. By seamlessly transitioning between these frames, we brought the VW Multivan to life. Our team meticulously crafted every detail, infusing emotion into each shot, ensuring that viewers would connect with the advertisement on a deeper level.

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Achievements and Outcomes: Delivering Emotion and Engagement

The final cinema spot for the VW Multivan not only effectively showcased the vehicle’s functionality but also elicited an emotional response from the audience. Through our innovative use of the stop motion technique, we transformed a visually static environment into a captivating and engaging advertisement. The spot successfully conveyed the versatility of the VW Multivan while resonating with viewers on an emotional level, leaving a lasting impression.

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