Global Personalization Concept for Victorinox

From Customization to Connection

Global Personalization Concept for Victorinox

From Customization to Connection


Client: Victorinox

As Victorinox expanded its product range to include customizable and personalized items, they approached us with a request to develop a comprehensive communication approach that could be applied globally across all product categories. The challenge was to create a concept that effectively conveyed the idea of personalization while providing flexibility for various communication channels, both online and offline.

A Global Visual Concept for Personalization

Our team developed a cohesive concept centered around a key visual and a compelling claim that would serve as the foundation for future communication initiatives. The key visual was designed to showcase the wide array of customizable products in an aesthetically pleasing pattern, capturing the essence of personalization. This visual approach allowed for easy adaptability across different mediums, including online platforms, offline marketing materials, and point-of-sale displays.

Victorinox: Make it yours! Did you know that you can personalize our products with iust a few simple clicks? Get started now and create your own Swiss Army Knife, watch or travel gear.

Strengthening Emotional Bonds: The Power of Claims

To further enhance the emotional connection with customers, we crafted the claim “make it yours.” This simple yet powerful statement encourages individuals to personalize their Victorinox products, fostering a sense of ownership and individuality. By combining the key visual with the claim, we created a cohesive and impactful communication basis that resonates with customers on an emotional level while also providing a clear call to action.

Resonant Messaging and Emotional Engagement

The implementation of the personalization concept for Victorinox proved to be highly successful. The key visual, with its vibrant and visually appealing pattern, effectively showcased the wide range of customizable products across various communication channels. The claim “make it yours” resonated with customers, driving engagement and fostering a stronger emotional connection to the brand. The flexibility of the key visual allowed for seamless integration across online platforms, offline marketing materials, and point-of-sale displays, ensuring consistent and impactful brand messaging. By creating a cohesive visual and messaging framework, we have provided Victorinox with a powerful communication tool that enhances customer engagement and fosters a deeper emotional connection to the brand.

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