Zurich Airport

Entertaining Travelers

Zurich Airport

Entertaining Travelers


Client: Zurich Airport

In our continuing partnership with Zurich Airport, we were entrusted with the creation of an engaging game for the summer holiday season. The star of the game was Rolli, the beloved airport mascot, who has won the hearts of families and children by making the airport experience more enjoyable and lively.

Game Design: Rolli’s Exciting Race

The game, aptly titled “Rolli’s Digital Race”, offered a fun-filled journey with Rolli as he roller-skated his way to the airport. Participants would initiate the game by scanning a QR code, and then guide Rolli to dodge obstacles and collect coins. The thrill of the race was heightened by the chance to win an instant prize or enter the main prize draw. Winners were notified via email and could collect their prizes from participating shops at the airport.

Backend Development: Streamlined Management

To ensure a seamless management of the game, we developed a backend system for Zurich Airport. This enabled them to input the prizes from participating airport shops and manage distribution efficiently. This platform was user-friendly and facilitated the smooth running of the game from an administrative perspective.

Impact: Success and Entertainment

Rolli’s digital race proved to be a roaring success, providing entertainment to both travelers and visitors at Zurich Airport. The interactive nature of the game and the charm of Rolli ensured that participants were thoroughly entertained, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the summer holiday season at the airport.

Enhancing the Airport Experience

Our work with Zurich Airport, including the development of “Rolli’s Digital Race”, embodies our commitment to creating engaging digital experiences that entertain, intrigue, and delight. The game’s success demonstrates the power of combining digital innovation with captivating characters to enhance the overall airport experience.

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