The Schellenberg Wittmer Case

Engaging Future Lawyers

The Schellenberg Wittmer Case

Engaging Future Lawyers


Client: Schellenberg Wittmer
Media Agency: Attackera

Schellenberg Wittmer, a renowned Swiss business law firm with an illustrious 20-year history, was eager to strengthen its employer brand among the next generation of legal professionals. Recognizing the importance of direct outreach to law students, the firm was in search of an employer branding campaign that would resonate with young talent at Swiss universities. In particular, the firm wanted to stand out during pre-exam season, when students are most engaged but also most stressed, making it a critical time for high-impact branding.

Our Approach: Customize the Catch & Win Experience

To disrupt the usual advertising flow and truly engage students, we chose Catch & Win, our interactive promo game, as the centerpiece of the campaign. By incorporating legal icons such as gavels and paragraph symbols into the game, along with Schellenberg Wittmer’s corporate identity, we not only made the game more relevant and engaging for law students, but also subtly reinforced their brand as a top legal employer.

Targeted Campaign: A Multi-Platform Approach

Our strategy included a multi-faceted advertising campaign to ensure maximum visibility and engagement among a relatively small target audience. We created custom video content for social media platforms such as Meta and LinkedIn, and developed animated HTML5 banners for broader digital reach. Our goal was to highlight Schellenberg Wittmer as a prominent and innovative employer in a competitive job market.

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Measured Success: Quantifiable and Qualitative Results

The campaign produced impressive results, as evidenced by the metrics collected throughout the duration of the campaign. While specific numbers will not be disclosed, overall engagement and interaction rates indicated strong resonance with a niche audience, exceeding the client’s expectations. In particular, the interactive game was a standout feature that facilitated the collection of valuable GDPR-compliant first-party data for Schellenberg Wittmer. This data is not only critical to their current recruitment efforts, but also provides insightful analytics to shape future employer branding and marketing strategies.

A Blueprint for Employer Branding Success

This campaign exemplifies how strategic customization and targeted marketing can effectively enhance an employer brand, resulting in high engagement and valuable data collection. Our approach not only met immediate goals, but also laid the foundation for Schellenberg Wittmer’s long-term branding and marketing strategies.

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