Cracking Fun at Glatt Shopping Center

Eggcellent Easter Sweepstakes

Cracking Fun at Glatt Shopping Center

Eggcellent Easter Sweepstakes


Client: Glatt

In celebration of Easter, Glatt shopping center launched an exciting sweepstake to engage their customers. With a total of CHF 14,000 in gift coins up for grabs, participants eagerly anticipated the draws, creating a buzz of excitement throughout the mall.

Captivating Game Design

To capture the spirit of Easter, we introduced a captivating game template featuring a unique Glatt design. Hidden throughout the shopping center were 11 Easter eggs, each adorned with a special QR code. The visually appealing eggs enticed customers to participate in the sweepstakes, sparking their curiosity and enthusiasm.

Cracking Open the Eggs

Participating in the sweepstakes was as simple as scanning the QR code on an Easter egg and selecting a preferred egg design. Users then had the exhilarating task of attempting to crack open another egg. Successful cracking allowed participants to register for the draw, giving them a chance to win one of the exciting prizes. By scanning additional Easter eggs within the Glatt, users could increase their daily entries, boosting their odds of winning.

Impressive Engagement and Response

The combination of the engaging game mechanics and the enticing prizes proved to be a winning formula for Glatt. The sweepstakes garnered an impressive response, with over 35,000 game entries, nearly 6,000 registrations, and 1,700 newsletter subscriptions within the span of just two weeks. The success of the campaign demonstrated the high level of enthusiasm and participation from the mall’s customers.

An Eggcellent Success

The Eggcellent Easter Sweepstakes at Glatt Shopping Center exceeded expectations, captivating customers and spreading joy throughout the mall. The innovative game design, hidden Easter eggs, and enticing prizes generated an incredible level of engagement, fostering a festive atmosphere and strengthening the connection between Glatt and its customers. The sweepstakes proved to be a memorable and successful event, leaving participants eagerly anticipating future promotions and experiences at Glatt Shopping Center.

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