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Driving Innovation

Catch a Car Web Design & Campaigns

Driving Innovation


Client: Catch a Car

In the rapidly evolving digital age, creating a compelling online presence is paramount for any brand. Our collaboration with Catch a Car, a trailblazer in car-sharing, is a testament to our innovative approach in website design and campaign development. This project challenged us to redefine the brand’s digital persona while crafting dynamic, effective online campaigns to stand out in a competitive digital landscape. Here’s an inside look at our creative journey.

Revamping a Web Presence

For Catch a Car, a trendsetter in the car-sharing industry, we stepped up to the challenge of refreshing their digital interface. Utilizing distinct style elements, including evocative silhouettes and custom icons, we infused the brand with a contemporary, enduring visual identity. A key component of this process was optimizing the website’s navigation, ensuring visitors could swiftly and intuitively locate the information they sought, thereby enhancing user experience and customer satisfaction.

Crafting an Impactful Online Campaign

Post website launch, the first online campaign’s success hinged on powerful visuals that could captivate attention and elicit the ‘wow’ factor. With this objective, we conceptualized and actualized the 3D “Smash Car”, accentuated with provocative headlines to challenge industry norms. This combination of striking static and animated visuals was instrumental in distinguishing the brand amidst the digital landscape.

Designing a Targeted Performance Campaign

In our comprehensive performance marketing campaign, we crafted a matrix of headline, key visuals, and mood themes tailored to diverse target groups. This flexible yet cohesive strategy was adaptable across various advertising spaces. The resulting assets, ranging from landing pages to social media posts to Google display ads, demonstrated our ability to develop and execute a multifaceted digital marketing strategy effectively.

For the Thrifty

For the Eco-Conscious

For the Early Adopter

For the Local Hero

Redefining the Car-Sharing Digital Experience

Our collaboration with Catch a Car signifies how strategic web design and tailored online campaigns can elevate a brand’s digital presence. We delivered on the challenging brief to revamp and refine their online persona, making it more user-friendly and visually captivating. The resounding positive feedback from users and stakeholders alike confirms our commitment to providing innovative, effective digital solutions. This project underscores our expertise in creating digital experiences that truly resonate with the target audience.

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