Discover Our Latest Promo Games in a Seasonal Look

DRASTIK's Easter
Game Collection

Discover Our Latest Promo Games in a Seasonal Look

DRASTIK's Easter
Game Collection

Welcome to DRASTIK’s Easter Game Collection! As spring blossoms, we’re excited to unveil our newest line of Promo Games, now adorned in a vibrant seasonal look to inspire and energize your campaigns. This Easter, we invite you to explore our freshly launched suite of game templates, each meticulously tailored to capture the essence of the season.

Like all of our Promo Games, these Easter-themed gems are 100% customizable in design, ensuring a perfect fit with your brand’s unique identity. Our Promo Games aren’t just about fun and engagement, they’re also powerful tools for lead generation and GDPR-compliant first-party data collection. With quick turnaround times and transparent pricing, these games can be seamlessly integrated into your marketing strategy, providing your audience with an interactive and memorable experience.

Get ready to transform your Easter campaigns with DRASTIK’s Promo Games that promise more than just entertainment – they’re a gateway to valuable insights and improved customer engagement. Explore our new games and discover how our customized gaming solutions can elevate your brand this season. Start your journey to more engaging and data-driven marketing today!

Discover our Easter Promo Games!

Whack the Egg

Explore ‘Whack the Egg’ – a fast-paced, egg-tapping extravaganza! Eggs pop up randomly, and your mission is to tap them swiftly to score points. Perfect for those with quick reflexes and sharp eyes, this game promises loads of fun for your Easter egg hunt.


Step into Memory – a classic game with an Easter twist! In this addictive challenge, your task is to find matching pairs of pictures as quickly as possible. Ideal for improving concentration and memory skills, this game will add an extra layer of entertainment to your Easter celebrations.

Wheel of Fortune

Get in on the action with Wheel of Fortune – an enhanced twist on our classic version! This release comes to life with additional animated features, making each spin more exciting than the last. A captivating and visually stimulating experience, this game is perfect for adding a twist of fate to your Easter festivities.

Catch the Egg

Jump into Catch the Egg – a thrilling twist on our popular Catch & Win Promo Game! Your goal is to catch as many eggs as possible within the time limit. Test your reflexes and timing as you try to grab those elusive eggs. Catch the Egg combines excitement and skill, making it the perfect addition to spice up your Easter promotions with high-energy fun.

Customization at Its Core

At DRASTIK, we understand that uniqueness is key in branding. That’s why our Easter Game Collection offers unparalleled flexibility in customization. Every aspect of these games, from visual elements to colors and animations, can be tailored to perfectly match your brand identity and campaign goals. Whether it’s incorporating your logo or your mascot, matching your corporate colors, or customizing game dynamics, our team will ensure that each game is a true extension of your brand, providing a personalized and immersive experience for your audience.

Versatility in Action

DRASTIK’s Promo Games are more than just fun – they’re strategic tools for multiple marketing objectives. From brand awareness to customer loyalty to employer branding, these games are incredibly versatile. They provide an engaging way to connect with your audience, regardless of your industry or campaign focus. Check out our case studies below to see how our Promo Games have been successfully integrated into various projects, demonstrating their adaptability and effectiveness in achieving different marketing goals.

Ready to boost your Easter campaign?

Embrace the spirit of the season with our tailor-made Easter Promo Games. Whether you're looking to add fun to your marketing strategy or have any questions about our offerings, we're here to help.