Swiss Casinos Online Launch

Creating Virtual Excitement

Swiss Casinos Online Launch

Creating Virtual Excitement


Client: Swiss Casinos
Media Agency: Capture Media

Our creative journey with Swiss Casinos centered on promoting their online casino launch. Entrusted with the responsibility of developing a dynamic online campaign and a compelling TV spot, we set the stage for an enthralling virtual gaming experience.

Creating the Visual Assets: A Photo Shoot

Our process started with a photo shoot, which laid the foundation for our campaign’s visual direction. We captured a series of vibrant and compelling images that encapsulated the thrill and exhilaration of an online casino. These visuals were instrumental in setting the tone for the campaign, reflecting the excitement and anticipation of the launch.

Dynamic Online Presence: Html5 Banners

Building on the visuals from the photo shoot, we developed a series of Html5 banners. Programmed specifically for this campaign, these banners created an interactive, engaging, and visually striking online presence. They served as effective promotional tools, capturing the audience’s attention and driving interest towards the Swiss Casinos online platform.

Broadcast Impact: Crafting the TV Spot

Complementing our online campaign, we also designed a dynamic TV spot for Swiss Casinos. Using our creativity and technical expertise, we ensured that the TV spot effectively conveyed the excitement of the online casino, reaching a wider audience and building anticipation for the launch.

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An Engaging Launch Success

Our work with Swiss Casinos demonstrates our commitment to crafting impactful and engaging digital and broadcast campaigns that effectively convey the thrill of our client’s offerings, building anticipation, and driving user engagement.

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