2nd Screen Game for Zurich Airport's Grandest Fireworks

Creating the Spectacular

2nd Screen Game for Zurich Airport's Grandest Fireworks

Creating the Spectacular


Client: Zurich Airport

Partnering with Zurich Airport, we devised an interactive 2nd screen game for the Chinese New Year. Our vision was to illuminate the airport’s landing page with Switzerland’s largest digital fireworks display, crafted by the users themselves. We offered participants the chance to design and personalize their own fireworks, transform them into greeting cards, and share their creations with their social circles.

Gameplay: A Journey of Discovery and Creation

Launching their adventure by scanning a QR code, participants were welcomed into a multilingual platform. An optional tutorial video introduced the game’s mechanics and guided users through the subsequent steps. Participants selected unique visual elements, crafted fireworks, and chose effects for their display. After registration, they could preview their creations, add traditional Chinese New Year greetings, and share their personalized greeting cards via a link or social media.

Integration and Display: A Collective Masterpiece

Every participant’s uniquely crafted firework was incorporated into the grandest digital fireworks display in Switzerland, hosted on the Zurich Airport landing page. This platform morphed into a virtual celebration hub for Chinese New Year, showcasing a stunning array of fireworks contributed by the game’s participants.

Success and Impact: A Celebratory Triumph

Our 2nd Screen Game for Zurich Airport’s Chinese New Year celebration marked a noteworthy accomplishment, resulting in impactful benefits for both participants and the airport. The game fostered an immersive, engaging user experience, promoted the cultural celebration, and built a sense of community through social sharing. It boosted website traffic and enhanced Zurich Airport’s brand recognition by highlighting its commitment to providing unique, engaging experiences.

Shaping Experiences, Creating Memories

Our collaborative effort with Zurich Airport to develop this 2nd Screen Game resulted in an unparalleled digital spectacle that married creativity with celebration. Through interactivity, user-generated content, and a vibrant digital fireworks display, we crafted a memorable experience that allowed participants to celebrate Chinese New Year in a uniquely modern way.

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