Shaping the Healthcare Revolution

Crafting Tomorrow

Shaping the Healthcare Revolution

Crafting Tomorrow


Client: Dräger

In an ever-evolving landscape of medical technology, standing out requires not just innovation, but also a compelling narrative that bridges the present with the future. That’s where we stepped in for Dräger, a pioneer in their field. Our challenge? To visually embody and amplify their forward-thinking approach.

Capturing a Vision: Touch & Feel the Future

When Dräger imagined a future where acute care integrates seamlessly with interoperable medical devices, they were envisioning a paradigm shift. At the heart was the principle of machines enhancing, not replacing, human touch in healthcare. Digitalization would usher in this new age, and Dräger wished for this message to be conveyed in the most compelling manner.

We crafted the “Touch & Feel the Future” key visual, ensuring it not only embodied the essence of Dräger’s identity but also wove a compelling narrative around their concept. Our design was versatile, ready to shine on any medium, be it print, exhibition setups, websites, or social media platforms. Our directive was clear: move beyond the clichés of ‘networking’ and let the target audience, including doctors, IT professionals, management, nurses, and even internal teams, experience digitalization in a tangible manner.

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Spotlight on Excellence: Focus Day Series

An event series as crucial as “Focus Day” demanded nothing short of perfection. Dräger’s aim was to hone the focus on their innovation, and they needed a visual emblem that would be both universal and instantly recognizable.

Creating a visual that symbolized ‘focus’ and could be consistently used across various platforms, especially screens and social media, was a challenge we eagerly accepted. Our solution encapsulated the very spirit of the event series, ensuring it stood out and resonated with its audience every single time.

Beyond Satisfaction: Client Testimony

Our dedication to swift execution without compromising on quality was the cherry on top for Dräger. Their satisfaction and positive feedback were testament to our commitment to excellence.

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