Presenting the Audiological Care Quiz Challenge

Amplifying Engagement and Learning

Presenting the Audiological Care Quiz Challenge

Amplifying Engagement and Learning

  • Client: Sonova

At DRASTIK, we understand the importance of fostering engagement and continuous learning in today’s fast-paced work environment. That’s why Sonova, a global leader in innovative hearing care solutions, asked us to develop an innovative learning solution for their Audiological Care (AC) business unit. Together, we created the AC Quiz Challenge, a platform that promotes knowledge-sharing, healthy competition, and professional growth among Sonova’s employees.


Sonova recognized the need to enhance employees’ understanding of new products while fostering engagement and friendly competition. That’s why we aimed to create a playful and interactive learning experience that could be accessed remotely and at the employees’ convenience.


DRASTIK, developed the AC Quiz Challenge, a multiplayer game tailored specifically to Sonova’s AC business unit. Our intuitive platform accommodates both experienced professionals and newcomers, ensuring a seamless learning experience. With gameplay available in 10 different languages, employees worldwide could participate. We also included a video tutorial two distinct play modes: Single Training and Challenge Mode.

Single Training

In this mode, employees could familiarize themselves with the AC Quiz Challenge. It allowed individuals to practice their skills and gain confidence in answering quiz questions without the pressure of competing against others. Participants engaged in up to three quiz rounds, with each round consisting of five questions to be answered within 60 seconds. Our game rewarded points for participation, creating a positive learning experience.

Challenge Mode

The challenge mode provided an exciting platform for employees to showcase their knowledge and skills. Participants could either invite a known colleague or challenge a randomly selected opponent for a quiz round. Challenges consisted of five quiz questions to be answered within a given time frame. Points were awarded for winning challenges, scoring more correct answers than the opponent, and successfully completing challenges.

Employee Engagement and Benefits

The AC Quiz Challenge proved to be a resounding success, offering numerous benefits for Sonova and its employees.

  • Promoting Learning: We transformed learning into an engaging and enjoyable experience, motivating participants to expand their knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest products.
  • Collaboration and Networking: Our challenge mode encouraged employees across the globe to interact and connect with colleagues, fostering knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the team.
  • Skill Enhancement: By actively engaging in the AC Quiz Challenge, employees consistently enhanced their product expertise, contributing to their professional growth and overall competence.
  • Healthy Competition: Friendly competition among colleagues fueled excitement and engagement, driving personal improvement and team spirit. Our game incorporated a leaderboard feature, allowing participants to track their progress and compare their performance with peers, further enhancing engagement and motivation.
  • Gamification of Learning: Our gamified approach to learning made training sessions more interactive and enjoyable, capturing participants’ attention and making educational material more immersive.

Sustainable Setup for Corporate Needs

The AC Quiz Challenge brought a wide range of advantages and opportunities to Sonova, paving the way for potential expansion of the platform in the future.

  • Azure Cloud Integration: DRASTIK integrated Azure Cloud into the AC Quiz Challenge, ensuring a robust and scalable platform within Sonova’s corporate environment. Leveraging Azure’s capabilities, the game provided seamless performance, enhanced security, and reliable data storage, facilitating easy access for employees across different locations.
  • GDPR-Compliance: Sonova’s data privacy and security are our top priorities. We have implemented the AC Quiz Challenge in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring that employees’ personal information and quiz data are handled and stored according to the highest privacy standards. This builds trust and confidence in our game.
  • Modular Setup for Future Applications: Our game’s modular setup allows for future expansion and integration of additional applications and features. Sonova can easily extend the game’s functionality to cover new topics, incorporate different learning modules, or introduce gamified elements in other areas of the organization. This flexibility ensures the game’s long-term relevance and adaptability to changing training needs.
  • Extensive Reporting Backend: The AC Quiz Challenge featured a comprehensive reporting backend, providing valuable insights into employees’ performance, engagement, and areas for improvement. Our reporting system provides detailed analyses, enabling Sonova to assess individual and collective learning outcomes, identify training gaps, and refine their training programs accordingly.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Our game’s compatibility with both desktop and mobile devices offers employees the flexibility to participate at their convenience. Whether in the office or on the go, employees could access the game from their preferred device, eliminating any barriers to engagement. The cross-platform capability ensured maximum participation and inclusivity, accommodating employees with different work styles and preferences.

Sonova’s collaboration with DRASTIK for the AC Quiz Challenge successfully addressed their need for engaging and effective training. Our gamified approach, advanced technologies, and emphasis on professional growth enhanced employee engagement and contributed to ongoing success. The integration of Azure Cloud, GDPR compliance, modular setup, reporting backend, and cross-platform compatibility enhanced the effectiveness of the AC Quiz Challenge. Sonova’s commitment to innovation and adherence to regulations ensures a seamless user experience, data security, and sets the stage for future growth. We are proud to have partnered with Sonova in creating a learning solution that amplifies engagement and learning for their employees.

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