Bucherer's Global Christmas Campaign

A Season of Joy

Bucherer's Global Christmas Campaign

A Season of Joy


Client: Bucherer
Agency: Charles Blunier & Co.
Paper Artists: Makerie Studio

For Bucherer’s global Christmas campaign, we had the delightful challenge of developing the strategy and creation for social media. Our task was to bring the magic of Bucherer’s shop window displays – a wondrous paper world – into the digital space, and engage audiences through charming and festive narratives.

Storytelling: An Origami Penguin's Journey

At the heart of our campaign was a small origami penguin – a delightful protagonist that took center stage in our storytelling. We created six 3D animated films, each one unfolding a different pre-Christmas tale featuring our penguin. These narratives not only added depth to the campaign but also fostered a heartfelt connection with the audience, capturing the warmth and joy of the holiday season.

Center Stage for Holiday Shopping

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Ice Fishing for Gifts

Observe our charming animated penguin embark on an icy adventure. In this video, he tries his luck at ice fishing and hauls in some truly unexpected treasures.

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Artistic Ice Skating

Witness our endearing penguin showcase his ice skating skills. As he gracefully glides across the ice, he skillfully carves a unique shape, revealing a delightful surprise.

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Prepping the Igloo

Join our origami penguin as he navigates a Christmas conundrum. Laden with gifts and unable to enter his igloo through the front door, he ingeniously opts for a different, and quite festive, entry point – the chimney.

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Celebrating New Year's Eve

Watch our animated penguin, along with his family, as they warmly usher in the New Year. See their joy as they ignite fireworks, creating a sparkling spectacle to welcome new beginnings.

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Production: From Paper to Pixels

To ensure a seamless integration between the physical and digital worlds, we meticulously recreated the intricate paper environment of the shop windows in 3D. This meticulous attention to detail added an element of authenticity and enchantment to our digital storytelling, enhancing the overall viewer experience.

Social Media Strategy: Engaging Through Festive Tales

Beyond the 3D animated films, we developed a plethora of social media assets including daily posts and Instagram stories, each one designed to keep the holiday spirit alive throughout the Advent season. Our comprehensive social media strategy ensured that Bucherer’s Christmas campaign had a consistent and engaging presence across different platforms, maximizing the campaign’s reach and impact.

Unfolding a Christmas Tale

Our work with Bucherer demonstrates our commitment to creating immersive and engaging narratives that connect brands with their audiences.

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