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Picture a world where the zombie apocalypse isn’t just a plot of a thrilling TV show or movie, but reality. As advertisers, our challenge in such a scenario wouldn’t just be surviving, but finding a way to promote products in this new dystopian world. Let’s embrace this light-hearted, hypothetical scenario and craft an ad campaign for a world inhabited by zombies.

Understanding the Demographic

In a world overrun by zombies, our demographic landscape dramatically changes. Our target audience now comprises of two groups – the surviving humans and the walking undead. Therefore, we must craft our campaign to cater to the unique needs of both. The living are focused on survival, while the zombies, presumably, are driven by a hunger for brains. Our campaign, therefore, needs to address these distinct, unprecedented needs.

Product: Zomb-Ex – The Ultimate Zombie Repellent

The star of our campaign is Zomb-Ex, a revolutionary zombie repellent designed to provide survivors with a fighting chance. This product is user-friendly, durable, and effective, offering the living a means to coexist and possibly outlive their undead counterparts.

Ad Slogan

Capturing the essence of Zomb-Ex, we need an ad slogan that’s catchy, memorable, and embodies the benefits of our product. In a nod to the Bee Gees’ famous tune, our slogan will be, ‘Staying Alive with Zomb-Ex.’

Commercial Scenario

Imagine this: A solitary survivor rummages through an abandoned grocery store. Without warning, a swarm of zombies breaks in. The survivor remains calm, reaches into their backpack, and pulls out a can of Zomb-Ex. With a swift spray, the zombies recoil and retreat. The survivor then calmly resumes their search for supplies. The commercial ends with a close-up of the Zomb-Ex can and our catchy slogan.

Billboard Advertising

Our billboards will be strategically located in areas frequented by survivors and zombies alike – think deserted city squares and once-busy highways. The billboard features a striking before-and-after shot of a group of zombies fleeing from a survivor armed with Zomb-Ex. The headline boldly declares, “Staying Alive with Zomb-Ex!”

“I used to be a snack for the undead. Now, with Zomb-Ex, I’m taking leisurely strolls through zombie-infested city squares. It’s given me a real ‘life’ again, if you know what I mean. Thanks, Zomb-Ex!”

Bob, Previously Delicious Human

A Drastik Conclusion

While a zombie apocalypse remains (and we hope it continues to remain) in the realm of fiction, this exercise serves as a fun test of our adaptability and creativity as advertisers. Whether we’re marketing to conventional consumers or a dystopian, zombie-infested world, the key is understanding our audience and crafting compelling narratives that resonate. So here’s to ‘Staying Alive with Zomb-Ex!’ ■

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