A New Engagement Era

In today’s saturated market, it’s crucial to have a standout approach to engage your audience, and our promo game Guess&Scratch offers precisely that. This game ingeniously fuses the thrill of image guessing with the excitement of a scratch-off, providing a unique strategy that both captivates and holds your clients’ attention.

Gameplay that Grips

A distinct take on traditional guessing games, Guess&Scratch serves as a dynamic engagement tool. It captivates the user through an interactive interface, revealing an image hidden beneath a scratchable surface. This experience, coupled with the potential for rewards, fuels user interest and encourages active participation.

Strategy and Chance

The principle of the game is simple yet engaging. The participant uncovers squares to reveal an image and then guesses the correct answer among three options. Moreover, the system allows for the addition of several images, ensuring the game remains fresh and exciting. Better guesses increase the chances to enter the main prize draw, adding another layer of anticipation to the user experience.

Scan the QR code to launch the game. If you’re on a mobile device, just tap on the image to start your adventure.

Bespoke Branding Solutions

Just like all our promo games, Guess&Scratch comes with a highly customizable template, allowing you to blend in your brand’s logo, color scheme, and specific elements seamlessly. Our tailored approach ensures each game perfectly aligns with your brand’s identity, enhancing customer recognition and brand loyalty. 

Flexible Prizes and Effective Communication

The game opens numerous avenues for prize distribution based on our client’s preferences, whether they wish to conduct an in-game draw using our algorithm or manually select winners from the registered participants. Upon winning, we can automate emails to send congratulatory messages, prize descriptions, and pick-up information to the participants, saving you time and ensuring a smooth reward process. ■

P.S.: If you are interested in a tailor-made game for your company, take a look at our interactive solutions.

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